Frequently Asked Questions

    How to join LIFE ON FITNESS

    Sign up for free, add the information in your profile that you would like people to see. Browse through the programs to see if any are a fit for you. You can use the predesignated filters or search by keyword to enhance your search. If you find the right program or subscription, you can purchase it or contact the provider for more information.

    Buying a program or subscription

    You will be purchasing your program directly from or subscribing directly to the qualified professional provider. Have a browse, think about your goals, your life, what you can manage, and most importantly the reason why you want to work on your health, wellness, and or fitness journey. Find a program or subscription that fits your life and goals, and purchase it. Provide your credit card details and after your secure payment has gone through, the provider will deliver your order.

    Types of products

    There are two types of products you can purchase: 1.prepackaged programs, and 2.subscriptions. All products are digital.

    Prepackaged programs

    A prepackaged program is a course, plan, module or program the provider has put together using their knowledge and experience with clients to achieve certain goals. It is a one time purchase and access to the whole program content is delivered to you when you make the order. It is up to the provider what is included in the program so please ensure you read through the listing carefully and understand what they are offering as the sale will be final.


    A subscription is a program, module or plan that you subscribe to with a monthly payment directly to the provider where they will deliver the content to you in the way and times as they described in their listing and for the full specified duration of the subscription. It is up to the provider what is included in the subscription so please ensure you read through the listing carefully and understand what they are offering as the sale will be final.

    Type of products not offered

    At this time LIFE ON FITNESS does not support or allow in person meetings or bookings. Providers offering in person meetings are in breach of our terms of service and will be removed from the platform.

    Programs and subscription pricing

    Each provider sets the pricing for their products both prepackaged programs and subscriptions. A very small LIFE ON FITNESS service fee is added to the cost, so we can provide the best platform and service to you and the community.


    Your payment will be taken from your credit or debit card via secure payment powered by STRIPE. For a subscription, subsequent monthly payments will be taken from the same chosen payment card. You can change your payment details in your account settings, payment method section.

    Order fulfilment

    The provider has 5 days within which to deliver you access to the program content or subscription. If they do not deliver your order within the allotted time, the order will automatically be cancelled and you will be refunded. You will receive an email when they have fulfilled your order. Alternatively, you can see the status of your order in the transaction activity section on your order page.

    Accessing your program or subscription

    The provider must provide you a link and instruction for access to your product in order for them to be able to fulfil the order. The link and instructions will appear in the transaction activity section of your order which you can find by going to the order in your inbox under my purchases. They will also be included in an email notification for your convenience.

    Reviewing and completing your order

    After your order has been delivered, you will have 3 days to access and review your order and mark it received. The order will be automatically marked received after 3 days. If you believe the order is not as described in the listing, you can also start a dispute on the order within this timeframe. For a subscription, you can cancel the order.

    Cancellations - prepackaged program

    After submitting a dispute, the provider will try to resolve the dispute issue directly with you. If no resolution is possible, the admin can cancel the order if instructed to do so by both parties.

    Cancellations - subscriptions

    You can cancel your subscription at any time from your order page. If cancelled within the 3 allotted review days, you will not be added to the provider's subscription list and will be refunded. You can also cancel it after this time which will stop all subsequent payments. However, no refund will be issued on the payments already made. As this is the case, you will remain on the provider's subscription list until the conclusion of the relevant payment period.

    Providers qualifications

    It's important to the LIFE ON FITNESS community that the providers are qualified and therefore only those who are qualified can list and sell their programs and content. Providers must submit their qualifications and credentials, so we can vet them and make sure they are qualified. We also encourage them to list their qualifications on their profile.

    Becoming a provider

    To become a provider, you must create a new provider account with a different email address and go through the verification process by submitting your qualifications.